"Certificate Validation failed" again.

I still keep getting this error on the android app that doesn’t let me log in and says “Certificate Validation Failed”. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again, and am using the latest version (3.25.0, released on Apr 21). I’ve also tried clearing the app cache and data, power cycled my phone, changed my password and every other suggestion I can find on the forums and still am having this problem. Does anyone else still have his issue with the latest app update?

Hi @R534. Do you have any VPNs enabled? If you have a VPN turned on, please turn it off and try logging in again. If this fails still, let me know what phone you have, the OS for that phone and if possible, a screen recording of this error message popping up when you log in, or a screenshot of the message! :slight_smile:

I do not have VPN enabled. Phone model is an Sony Xperia XZ1 compact running Android 9. Every time a Ring camera is triggered, the login screen will pop up, and every time I sign in, it logs on but then logs out shortly after. This problem has been persistent before and after the Ring app update. Screenshot of error is attached.

@R534 Thank you so much for that screenshot and additional information! When you get this push notification, do you click on the notification to go into the app, or do you tap on the app from the home screen? How long have you not been able to sign in - since April 21st when we had the update? Let me know the last time you were logged in, how long for, and how many notifications you were getting during this timeframe!

I have tried opening the Ring app from both the notifications and from the home screen. The notifications showing up when I am logged out is not consistent. Sometimes it will show notifications even when I am logged out, and other times it will not show notifications while logged out when I try to trigger the cameras intentionally.

I have not been able to consistently sign in for a while now, prior to the April 21st update as well as after. The last time I was able to log in for any significant duration was for a portion of the day yesterday, but this morning I was not able to log in again. When I was logged in during this time, I was getting consistent notifications for the cameras and alarm and everything was operating as normal. As of now, the login problem in the app is still persistent.

@R534 Thank you so much for the detailed information! I’m getting this matter looked at and escalated up to the appropriate teams to get a second opinion on this matter. Since you have been having this concern for awhile, they may be some additional troubleshooting steps we take or digger into this matter. While I have them looking over this, could you please check out this Ring Help Center Article here? Let me know if there are any apps on that list that are potentially affecting the Ring app.