Centrally Powering Ring Keypad and Siren

Hi folks,

I’m replacing a very old wired alarm system with a Ring 2nd Gen alarm system. The beauty of this is that I have wiring to where I want most of the sensors and the keypad and siren. I plan to place the base station where the original system control unit was (under the stairs) as it has mains power, then get some DIN transformers in a project box to run 12V and 5V as needed to the units.

Can you help me understand a few things…

  1. Will the HDR-15-12 be suitable to power the Ring Siren? The manual says 12W max but this is 15W. I can’t imagine this is going to be detrimental, but interested in people’s experiences.

  2. Will the HDR-15-5 be suitable to power the Ring 2nd Gen Keypad (spliced into a USB connector)?

  3. Is there any way to permanently power the Ring motion sensors from a 5/12V supply?

Many thanks for the advice!

Hi @seb101. Both the Ring Alarm Base Station and the Keypad come with their own power source. Contact Sensors and Motion Sensors are both battery operated with no other power options available. With this in mind, they are only intended to be used with the supplied power source and not hardwired. However, the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren can be hardwired. You can find information about that here. I hope this information is helpful.

Well I can confirm this works just perfectly, for both the keypad and the siren.

One word of caution, when splicing a micro-USB onto the end of the 5V connection for the keypad, the wiring colors inside USB cables are pretty randomised by cable manufacturer, always test with a volt-meter before you connect to the keypad to make sure you haven’t mis-wired or reversed the polarity.

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i’d like a hardwired siren option but for indoor. The ring siren could work but I don’t want everyone to see the ring logo inside the house - do you have a more discreet option, or is the logo plate removable or something?

The main base station acts as a siren for indoors. The logo is not removable from the outdoor siren. Ring could make it so that the ‘Ring Chime’ device could act as a supplimental siren for the alarm system, you’d need to make a feature request.

My finshed setup, 12V DIN rail transformer for the Siren, 5V DIN rail transformer for the keypad.

Keypad showing mains power from the 5V DIN transformer. Contrary to what the Ring representative says above, this does not require any dismantling of a Ring device, just a small amount of surgery on a Micro-USB cable (which can be the Ring supplied one or any spare Micro-USB cable.