Central Station Issue

Lately, when we disarm our Ring Alarm, it will not disarm. During the night we have the system set to Home and Alarmed. In the morning when we try to disarm the system, it remains in the Home and Armed mode.

We must re-arm the key pad, before we can disarm it.

At first we thought that we were not pressing the buttons firmly enough, but that does not seem to be the case.

Is there an issue with the key pad ?

Hi @madman. Do you only experience this when trying to arm or disarm the Ring Alarm from the Keypad or does this also happen when arming or disarming from the Ring app? If you don’t experience this with the Ring app, then it would narrow down the concern to the Keypad itself. You can find troubleshooting steps for a 1st Gen Keypad here and a 2nd Gen Keypad here.