Cellular backup limitation

I was disappointed to learn that the cellular backup only works with the app for 72 hours. Even if you have power, cellular app support stops and the system can only be armed and disarmed with the keypad, if I understood support correctly. Just a limitation I was not aware of and didn’t know if it would matter to other users.

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I’m not sure I understand. The cellular backup on the alarm that’s used to call the monitoring center only works for 72 hours after install? Or the arming & disarming the alarm via the app on your phone only works for 72 hours after install, and after that it all has to be done on the keypad?

It means that the cell transmitter will work on it’s data network for 72 hours if wifi or power is lost. I believe the battery is also supposed to last at least 72 hours. That’s all it means.

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The base station has a Sim card for ATT here in the US. It has nothing to do with your phone or devices

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Hey @Jim_in_nh! There is no applied time frame limitation to the cellular back up feature. Cellular back up will work as long as there is power and the environment, of course, allows for sufficient cellular signal transmission. Keep in mind, it is only intended for backup, and in backup scenarios (power outage) the backup battery will also be used. The backup battery can last up to 24 hours depending on usage.

Check out our help center article about these backup features to learn more. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: