Ceiling Mount - Spotlight Cam Wired

Does the Ceiling Mount (accessory) for the Spotlight Cam Wired allow you to route the Power Cord up into the Ceiling?

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Hoping to get an answer from Ring

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Hey @DonC! Feeding the wire through a ceiling or overhang would be entirely up to you and the environment. If you are inquiring as to whether the ceiling mount will automatically accomplish this or create a hole to run chord, it does not.

Check out our Spotlight Cam Wired Ceiling Mount page, which contains an image example of mounting. This will show the wire is looped upwards towards the ceiling and run along the ceiling mount. To accomplish this best, I recommend using the provided wire clips. :slight_smile:

Can I receive the manual for the Ceiling Mount for Spotlight Cam wired? Iā€™d like to see how the holes are configured to understand if it can be used for my application


Hey @wupot. After searching high and low, I was unable to find a manual or any documentation on this. No worries though, I was able to find another colleague that done a setup with the ceiling mount. The ceiling mount looks like this picture below, and the arrows point to where you will need to screw in:

image (1).png

My colleague let me know there are about 3 or so screws in the back area that mount directly to the ceiling, and then the Spotlight Cam will slide into the mount on the front, similar to how it does in this setup video here. I hope this helps, neighbor! :slight_smile: