Car reflection false trigger

Hello, I’m requesting a feature to detect when a car passes by and the windshield reflects the sun light directly into the Ring Peephole camera; it triggers a false alarm and starts recording video, causing unnecessary battery drain. This occurs several times a day normally between 11am and 3pm. The feature would detect a condition where a short burst of sunlight that saturates the entire image, is considered a false alarm. This would resolve the issue that I had posted in the Ring Commnity titled “Motion Detection Optimization Ring Peephole”.


This is a common problem on ANY camera! I’ve had many brands! One thing you can do with RING cameras is setup motion zones to be used at different times. Since you list a time range you can create a motion zone and exclude this area through those hours just exclude that area from your “zone” and setup a time range to use it. I’m not sure you can do with with all the RING cameras but the RING Mini-indoor cameras have this option and I have pointed to outside windows where I encounter the same problem so I set zones up for certain times. This saves ALOT of false triggers as the sun rises where I live!

I second this idea. My situation is exactly opposite however, at night passing cars light up my front yard. I would love to be able to tell Ring to disregard lights moving at a certain speed. Especially a speed I could adjust. I want to monitor lights that turn into my driveway but not lights at zoom by my driveway.