Capturing arrivals but not departures?

The video doorbell sometimes captures my mother’s career arriving (they have a key so don’t ring) but not them leaving 30 mins later by the same door - when I know they have. What could be happening??

Hey @Nene! This could be due to a motion frequency setting. I recommend checking your other motion settings first, to ensure zones and sensitivity is optimized. Once confirmed, please check the motion frequency setting in your Ring app. Motion frequency is a battery saving option for high traffic areas. If it is not set to “frequent” then it will, by design, prevent too many back to back motions from triggering and draining the battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks. The frequency is set to standard as I don’t want to rapidly drain the battery. However, surprised that events taking place 30 mins apart might be considered ‘back to back’?