Can't Use Professional Monitoring because Ring doesn't recognize address


We just moved into a new home (new construction) and moved our Ring alarm to the new location. We also installed a Ring doorbell which included a year of Protection Plus, but cannot establish the monitoring because Ring doesn’t recognize the address. I realize it’s new construction, but the address is on Google, USPS, etc. How do we get this resolved?

Side note, it’s really problematic to me that posting in a public forum is the main method of communicating issues with Ring, particularly when you’re talking about security issues. It’s actually making me rethink the entire system…

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You can call them, chat or even email them.
All you need to do is look or Google it…
What personal information are you posting here anyway?
I’d post the contact information but I’m sure you can use Google if you can’t find it on this page…

Okay, I’ll claim a dumb moment on this one. I must have been tired when I looked at the “Help” page and didn’t immediately see a “Contact Us” link. Found it when I looked again. I assumed their “only” method of contact was through the forum, hence my concern about having to post personal info on a forum to get an answer. Consider that concern null and void and I’ll see myself out after an embarrassing oversight…

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Hey @RKel32 ! We all may need an extra cup of coffee these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you able to figure out your address and Professional Monitoring? If not, let us know – we are more than happy to help!

I’ll take a double shot of espresso please!

I was. I spoke with Angelique with customer support today and she was very helpful. Thank you for checking!

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