Can't turn off motion sound in IOS App

  • I can’t turn the sound off for motion. I have deleted the app, turned the phone off and on and reinstalled the app at least twice. I go through the process of device, front door, device settings, alert settings, app alert tone. Once there, I cannot change anything. if I select silent it goes straight back to windchimes. If I turn the volume down, it goes straight back to where it was. It’s like a rubber band just bouncing back. The notice at the bottom says, “Your sound could not be loaded.” I was on the phone with customer service for over an hour trying to fix this.

Hi @Kim72. A few things you can try here. When you are changing the Alert Tones in the Ring app, make sure you are pressing SAVE in the upper right hand corner. Next, on the Device page, make sure you have Motion Alerts turned off. The last thing I can recommend would be to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone, then reinstall the Ring app. If these steps do not work, I would continue to work with out support team to get this resolved.

Im having a similar problem. i
My app won’t let me change any settings: can’t change alert tones, or how long my spotlight cameras light stays on. I’ve tried what your suggested but it didn’t help

Thank you SkeeterValentine. I’m still having the same problem, too, and am disappointed that the suggestions Tom_Ring provided are the same things I already tried before I made the post. Hopefully someone from Ring will read the entire post before responding again with, “delete the app, turn phone off, turn phone on, reinstall app, call customer service.”

I have the exact same problem. Every time I click to select a different tone I get a message that says “your tone cannot be loaded retry”.

I am having the exact same issue. I am hoping someone will post a solution.

Hey neighbors. The Ring app was having some issues with the Alerts on IOS, but this has been resolved. Try force closing your Ring app and then open it back up. You should be able to load your sounds now. I hope this works for you!


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