Can't set up doorbell because it is owned by previous owner of the house

I have contacted the previous owner who says he has transferred ownership to me but when I try to install it, I can’t because it is still registered to the previous owner. I called the help desk and they said they would help me if I can give them the MAC address. They say it is on the back of the unit, but the screws have been stripped and I can not remove the device. Is there any other way to transfer ownership? Beyond frustrated.

No, only by contacting support as we are just fellow users and have no access to your (or their) account information.
( Contact Us – Ring Help)
If you aren’t able to get past the stripped screws you might hire a “handy-person” that would more than likely have the required tools to get those screws out.


Regarding the stripped screw you could try a wide rubber band may give you enough grip to unscrew it.

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