Can't set light schedule for spotlight cams at night

I’ve been trying for over 1 hour to set a light schedule for my front yard spotlight cam lights to turn on from 8 pm to 6:30 am every night. But no matter what I do, the blue button at the bottom of my app screen won’t let me “save the schedule”.

I’ve been on the phone with support for over 1 hour as well and the lady seems clueless.

I’m not an ■■■■■. I have been able to set light schedules for ring lightbulbs with no problem, I understand how to set up a schedule.

I can set a schedule for my front lights to be OFF all day, that’s no problem. But if I try to set up schedule for my front lights to be ON all night, it won’t work.

Please help.

Hi. Do you have the battery cam by chance? You can’t schedule that to be on presumably because it will drain the battery fast.

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Hi there, @saskia! As mentioned in our Community article about Camera light schedules, and as @trail-explorer shared, if you do have a battery-powered Camera, the “positive light schedule” is only available for powered Cams.

If this is the case, you can use scheduling to schedule times that you do not want lights to be on. Thus, simply not adding a schedule at night and fine tuning motion will help with lights to trigger when needed. You can also use linked devices to trigger lights. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile: