Can't remove my extender. What can I do to get it out of devices?

I wish it extended further. My garage door remote can open my detached garage but my ring cannot see the sensors in my garage (motion and a door sensor) even with the extender at the closed part of my apartment to it.

To remove it from you account. Go to it’s device settings and then tap advanced options to remove device. I attached a screenshot of the last page.

It fails on my phone and laptop in the app. I tried plugging it in and leaving it out. It won’t remove.


What about trying remove failed device?

Same thing. I was able to remove the garage sensors that weren’t working due to being to far away…but not this extender.

I’d reach out to customer service then.
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This morning I unplugged the extender and removed it when I was at my office.

So, it’s finally off your account now?
If so, that’s great.