Can't Re-authenticate Additional User Account

Hi Guys,

I’ve been setting up my father-in-laws ring system after they moved house and got things working on his phone fine. But I’m struggling to get things working on my mother-in-laws phone.

When trying to log in from either a browser or the app using her account, it asks for a new authentication code and every time I generate a new one from he browser under father-in-laws Ring account, from the father-in-laws mobile using the Ring app, or using Google authenticate and his ring account. Every code fails.

It’s a Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Any idea on what I can do to get this sorted, please?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @m_i_k_e. It sounds like you might be trying to generate a verification code used during the support process over the phone. When you sign into your Ring account, you’re prompted for a verification code that is sent via SMS, it is not manually generated on the user’s end. Does your mother-in-law have a separate Ring account that has a different email address and password than your father-in-law? If so, she should be receiving a verification code via SMS. This process is called Two-Step Verification, which you can find more information on here.

Hi Caitlyn,

Thanks for your message. Yes, she has a separate Ring account but she gets an email saying she won’t get an SMS and that the primary user has to go into their system and create an Authentication code (from the app or browser). Control Centre → Account Verification → Authorise New Device.

When you create a code this way, it doesn’t work.

And it isn’t possible to log into her account because this authentication isn’t working.

Hope that helps.

All the best,


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@m_i_k_e Thanks for providing extra clarification. That’s odd given that she has her own Ring account with her own email address. When you generate a verification code under Authorize a New Device, this code applies to your Ring account specifically, so it’s not going to work for another user’s Ring account. If possible, could you share a screenshot or picture of the email that gives these instructions? Just make sure to block out any person information, such as any visible email addresses.

Hi Caitlyn,

This is the email. In hindsight, it does look like the authentication code needs to be generated by my mother-in-law, and she doesn’t have the means to log in to a platform to do this.

This seems to be a very awkward user experience. Is the only option for her to call the support number?

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@m_i_k_e Thank you for sharing that screenshot. At this point I would recommend reaching out to our support team if she’s not able to sign into her account due to not receiving a verification code. Unfortunately there isn’t anything more I can do from my end since the Community is a public forum, and our support team should hopefully be able to swiftly resolve this. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.