Can't login to Win10 App - error code 0x80131500

Thank you, Chelsea, for your quick reply. I will try those solutions you offered and see if they work.


I can’t get mine to log me in.

Have latest windows 10 Pro (1909). I enter my username and password and it tells me it’s wrong.

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I’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling. I’ve verified my computer has full access to the internet (I’m using it now to write this comment) and I am not on any VPN.

Please advise on next steps.

All I get when I try to log in is “Something went wrong
The error code is 0x80131500”

That was after uninstalling and installing again. Prior to that, it wasn’t even loading the login screen before saying "Something went wrong

Error 406"

I get the error “The error code is 0x80131500” when I go to login to my Win10/64 Ring App. Program used to work. It’s V 2.5.8. Why did this stop working? Web app and Iphone work.

The Windows App won’t log in. Keeps getting error 0x8009002C after entering the two factor code.

I uninstall and re-install the app. Then it works - for a day. Another crash. Can’t log in.

Fix the crash/log in error.

Displaying error codes instead of messages is a UI/UX no no. Might want fix that too.

This solution didn’t solve my login [error code 0x80131500 problem. :rage:

I installed a Ring system for someone and their computers all come back with the “Something went wrong” and error code 0x80131500. I’ve performed all of the prior troubleshooting steps, switched 2FA, etc. to no avail. The oddity is that their sign-on does not work on my computer, which works perfectly with my account. Similarly, signing in with my account on their computer works fine?!?! Basically, it is something with their account or more specifically, something with the Ring backend. I called Ring support who sent the issue to the advanced tech team, but several weeks later and I’ve heard absolutely nothing back.

I get the same thing - no matter what

I finally received an answer back from Ring support. If you’ve tried all of the other solutions to no avail, ensure you are not using a yahoo[dot]com or earthlink[dot]net email. I associated a Google/Gmail email with the same account and it worked perfectly. I have no idea why this issue exists only on the Microsoft Store app (and not Android, iOS, or web), but hopefully this helps someone else.


The Ring app woks on 2 of my 3 windows 10 computers. All are on the latest version (20H2). My email is
I’ve followed the above suggestions to no avail…one of my machines won’t let me sign in without receiving the “something went wrong” thingy.

This solution WORKS! I changed my email from yahoo to gmail and can now use the Windows 10 app.

Perfect-Works great, Many thanks!

created, changed ring sign in email address and perfecto login!

I found the same answer elsewhere and yes it does work. Thanks,

Hi neighbors! We appreciate the feedback you’ve provided in this thread and have sent this information over to the appropriate teams. In the meantime, feel free to try the troubleshooting suggestions offered by other neighbors in this thread to see if they work for you. Thanks for your patience and understanding! :slight_smile:

I’m not able to change my email. App gives an error when I get to the send verification step. Just says something went wrong and to try again, and I tried multiple times, also restarted my phone, still same.

I used some developer tools (Fiddler) to compare one of my windows 10 PCs that works, to one of my Windows 10 PCs that does not work.
The only difference between the two is the Hardware_ID header that Ring uses to authenticate the app.
When the PC that can’t log in sends it’s login request, the Ring authentication server expeciances an error and comes back with a HTTP 406 error.
The body comes back as HTML

<head><title>406 Not Acceptable</title></head>
<body bgcolour="white">
<center><h1>406 Not acceptable</h1></center>

So in short this isn’t an issue with the Windows 10 app as such, it’s an issue with the Ring authentication server experiencing an error.

By substituting the hardwar_Id headere, I was able to login to the app.

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So what are Ring support doing to fix it?

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Had to do a fresh Windows 10 reinstall and now The Ring desktop app does not work.
When will this be fixed? What is my subscription paying for? Many of us are working from home. I am at the end of my garden in a home office and need to see my Ring cams/devices. The phone should be only when I am in bed or outside my home.

Fix it Ring! What am I paying this subscription for?


Let me add my voice to a successful login on the Window 10 Ring app. Mine stopped working in November. I’ve tried all the “fixes” nothing worked. I installed Bluestacks and it worked for the most part, but would fail sometimes when I needed it most. After reading all the comments, I decided to switch from Earthlink to gmail to see if the Win10 app would work. I used my android phone to change my email address in Ring. I’ll skip the details of losing connection to my cameras getting locked out of my cameras. With a patient tech, I finally got my new account to work. I reinstalled the Win10 Ring app. Lo and behold, I can see my cameras on my desktop now. My Win10 laptop failed. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. That works now too. I’m in my PC all day and late into evening. It’s so much better to have Ring on my second monitor, so I can click to a camera quickly to make sure someone isn’t tailing a delivery driver to steal my deliveries. I can see and speak to visitors, immediately at the front door. That wasn’t possible when I was deep in a project, had to bail fast and fumble with my phone and screen lock. So why does changing to gmail work? This is a Ring problem and they can’t figure it out?

I wish I had seen your response before I changed my email address. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.