Can't login to Ring site via wifi but can on cell data

I’m able to login to my Ring app and use all of it’s features but cannot login to the website on my phone. This ONLY happens when using wifi at home but is fine when I’m using my phone’s data plan.

I noticed this when signing up for the Ring community. On my first login I was asked to create a username. I entered a valid username (confirmed by the green check mark) but when I try to submit it throws an error message saying something went wrong and perhaps the username or email address are already in use.
After some frustration I came across a thread where someone had a similar problem and worked around it by connecting via their data plan. So I did the same and it worked! Here’s the thread:

I don’t know if this is a Ring problem or a problen with my local network but I don’t seem to be alone.

[EDIT] After logging in via data plan and completing my username creation, I am now able to login normally via wifi. Very odd and there’s clearly a bug somewhere in this process.

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HI @Worf. Thanks for sharing this feedback! I’m glad to hear you were able to get your Ring account created and logged in while using the wifi. I’ll be sure to pass the information you’ve shared here with the appropriate teams.

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I need help with my account

No one in these forums has access to your account info so you’ll need to call Ring Support. Contact Us – Ring Help
Be aware wait times are long and it may take a couple call backs to get someone who can assist you.