Can't link smart lights to camera


I can’t link my smart lights to my doorbell camera in order to turn my lights on when motion is detected by my doorbell.

I have the ring bridge and two A19 lights bulb.

When I try to save the settings I get the following error: “Something went wrong. We’re having trouble connecting right now. Please try again in a moment” (see screenshot attached)

I’ve checked the health status of all my device, no issue there. I can however link my doorbel to another camero to record when motion is detected. So I’m guessing the issue is either the bridge or the bulbs. Any help would be appreciated. To be honest i’m getting tired of those numerous issue with ring, there’s no installation that goes without any issue.

Sorry to hear about this @bpenven! Often times when getting this message after attempting a Smart Lighting change, it is an indicator of connection with the Bridge or wifi signal. Please ensure the Bridge is near the router, and your bulbs or Smart Lights are within reasonable range to your Bridge with little interference between. Try doing this with your mobile device connected to wifi only, as well as on cell data only, to see if one connection is better than the other. I recommend also checking that VPN is disabled, and other apps on your mobile device are closed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: