Can't identify my Doorbell2's S/N for Recall

The above link was pointed out in another post that you can enter your S/N to see if it’s impacted. However, I’m getting the error message after entering the S/N:

Results: Invalid DSN | Character Count

Other than selling consumers made-in-China garbages, can Ring also take responsibility and fix the mess Ring created, please?


Mine is doing the exact same thing and I am putting it in correctly


Same here!

Results:Invalid DSN | Character Count

Same for me. This probably means none of the Doorbell 2’s are recalled, but it would be nice if we got positive confirmation instead of a random validation error.

It’s also unbelievably confusing to have two separate products called Doorbell (2nd generation) and Doorbell 2. Apparently they are different things.

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Stupid is as stupid does ! Stupid mechanical design by RING , though installation Guide specifies how to properly install the correct Security Screw . RING should have NEVER designed such a Security Screw / placement knowing an inadvertant wrong screw choice would create a battery puncture and resultant fire . This is Class Action Lawsuit territory for users & installers . Replacement at no cost with a safe redesigned RING4 is needed and SOON .

I too entered my RING SN on their website and was notified it as INVALID DSN . Seems RING is only dodging their LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY .

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To find out if you have a Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) that has been affected, take a look at this Help Center article here. This will show you where your serial number is located and how to enter that information to see if you are on the list. If you are unsure of what device you have, you can verify by looking on the back of the Doorbell and it will read, "Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). Thank you!