Can't disable neighbors app

Hello team,
When I downloaded ring I enabled neighbors because it seemed interesting, but I never looked in there and it’s annoying that the app opens itself in neighbors by default.

I have disabled neighbors in the control center, uninstalled the neighbors app, and even reinstalled the ring app, but the thing still starts in neighbors.

Is there any way to opt out of it? It gets tiresome tp have to click the back button every time I want to start the app.

I deleted one of the duplicated addresses, and it now shows a black screen when neighbors would show up. But still going to an extra screen

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I am having this same problem. When it opens the Neighbors app amd i try ro set alert area the screen is just black.

Hey neighbors. Can you share an example of this black screen that you’re seeing with either the Ring app or on the Neighbors app? You can share a screenshot, or a short video recording showing the behavior you’re seeing in the app would be very helpful. Additionally, please confirm the following details regarding your smart phone:

  • Android or iOS
  • Current phone operating system
  • Current version of the Ring app

Thank you, this information will help me to take a look and provide any applicable troubleshooting information. :slight_smile: