Cant connect to new router

Had new router. Tried to connect door bell to new WiFi network but having no luck. It repeatedly tells me it didn’t work and try again. Anybody got any advice? Thanks in anticipation of your help

hey, i have the same problem whith you… acttualy my ring doorbell pro was working until friday at 21pm, but lose the wifi e now i cant connect to any wifi… i tried to hard reset, but dosen´t work “there seems to a problem with your internet” i tried to reset my router too but nothing!!! now i cant sinc te doorbell pro with my app =( any idea to fix it??

I had the same problem with my Doorbell 2. Here’s what worked for me: tapped on camera, went to settings/device settings/general settings. Tapped on “remove device” then on the next screen tapped “reconnect this device”. Follow instructions which will get you, eventually, to your new router password.

It’s pretty convoluted, not intuitive but it worked!

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