can't configure my ring doorbell

Hi everyone,

last year i bought a ring doorbell and only now i hav the chance to put it on the door. i followed all the steps that it tells on the app and on the manual that comes with the doorbell but when I try to configure it and i arrive at the step to press the red button on the back to configure it the light on the doorbell start spinning in a white color, on the phone it says that the phone is trying to comunicate with the doorbell but then nothing happens it stays like that for like 5-10 minutes and then it says that something went wrong. I already restarted the router and the battery is fully charged . i have an android phone.

Can please someone tell me what im doing wrong? i already made the hole on the wall so i would like to make it work.

Thanks to anybody that answer me

You, your router, your phone and your doorbell are in the same room at the moment ?

Your phone is connected to your 2.4 wifi at the moment ?

When you look at your router’s ‘device status’ page you see your phone ?

i was in front of the router and i don’t know if is connected to a 2.4 i can try

how do i change to a 2.4?

The 2.4 band has a name (a SSID) associated with it. You select that band (that network) by name when you connect. Is your phone using your home wifi at the moment ?

i can’t change it from the phone and yes is connected to the wifi at the moment

Do you have a dual band router ( 2.4 and 5.0 ) ?

There should be a unique name associated with each band/network.

Which band /network is your phone connected to ?