Can't change wifi network

I’m unable to change my wifi network. I have 2 networks and I’m trying to move the Ring doorbell to my IoT network. I can goto Device Health>Change Wifi Network and step through the process. It sees my new wifi network but when it attempts to connect it eventually fails and blinks the white lights on the right side of the circle. I can reconnect it to the original network fine. There is nothing wrong with the new IoT network…many other devices are connected to it fine. How can I hard reset this thing so it doesn’t remember the old network at all? I’ve tried holding down the setup button for a long time but when I go to setup the wireless network it’s still aware of the original one it connected to. I want to kill that and force setting up to the new one.

Hi @speedwater. You can first try to clear the cache and data on the phone that you are trying to reconnect the device on. Also, make sure there are no special characters in the wifi password, as this could be causing issues. Also, be sure that your location is enabled, bluetooth is off and that you are not using a VPN. These are all factors that contribute to a device not being able to reconnect. I hope this helps!