Can't Add Kwikset Obsidian Lock

My Kwikset Obsidian lock is in the options under smartlocks supported by Ring in the app, so it’s not even in the “Works with Ring” section. I followed the directions and even did a factory reset and it still won’t find it. The farthest I got was it said “preparing device…” and then it never got further. Any suggestions?

Hi @Lovamelin. Do you have a model number for the smart lock that you have? Is it a wifi smart lock or a Z-Wave enabled smart lock? It should be on the list of smart locks that work with Ring, here. If you’re seeing it listed as compatible in the Ring App, would you mind sharing a screenshot of this so we can take a look?

It is the Kwikset Obsidian 953OBN. I don’t see it on the list but it showed up in the Ring app to add. I’ve attached a picture. It’s the exact same model but it’s showing the Antique Bronze in the app. Mine is z-wave compatible as well, not the wifi version.

Hi @Lovamelin. Happy to chime in here! I would make sure that your Base Station is within 3 ft of the Smart Lock. This could require you to unplug the Base Station and relocate it temporarily for the integration. You can also try to Reboot your Base Station. This can be done in the Ring app by selecting the Base Station page, then tap the Gear Icon > Advanced Options > Reboot. I hope this helps!