Cannot stream live after Comcast remotely checked router

I cannot stream live. It says I’m online and all is good, but I’m getting steaming error when I go live

It used to work fine until Comcast did some magic on your router? Step one, reboot the router.

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Is everything else working i.e. it is sending and storing motion triggered video to the Ring cloud that you can then view in the app or online?

if Just Liveview that is not working:

  • Does Live view work when you are away from home (on mobile data or on a different WiFi network)?

  • have you tried a different phone/tablet to testif there is a restriction on that specific device?

  • does your router have a guest network… if so try setting up the Ring on this network and test.

  • you can try a reboot of the router by it maybe that the Comcast tech changed the settings that is causing an issue,

  • resetting the router may be an issue if you feel confident in the default settings or changing them yourself.

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I am having the same problem with the live view and “streaming error” …did you ever find a solution? The wifi connection is strong, the motion works and the doorbell works but when i go to see who is at the door, I get the “streaming error” message and cannot see. I can go back once the activity is availble but obviously that is too late!

I have a similar problem. I get all the alerts on phone but cannot view the videos. I can see the videos online and it use to work before that new fancy Ring update recently. Is there a solution? My connections are good wifi strong and other users are able to see the alerts on their phones. I cannot see any video. I changed the wifi to another at home and it works sometimes but revert to that Streaming Error message.

Thanks for your help.