Cannot Clear Siren Tampered Status

Hi all,

I installed my Ring Siren over Christmas and cannot clear the ‘tampered’ status. I have read through the forum about adjusting the tamper switch and it’s absolutely protruding as far as it can. There is literally no slack so I cannot imagine the tamper switch on the siren isn’t engaged.

The siren is correctly sitting on the base with the bottom screw securely fastened. Not sure if I’m missing something?

It’s on a pebble dash wall.

Thanks in advance

The tamper arm needs to be tight to the bracket - loosen the screw fully, and tighten it just enough so you can’t push it in - if you over tighten you might flex the bracket, which will push it away from the tamper switch again.

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding. But isn’t the point of the switch to break a circuit on the siren? So having it protruding will allow that to happen? Won’t having it looser have the opposite effect? Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean exactly with it being tight to the bracket? Many thanks

its to detect if the siren is ripped off the wall or taken off the bracket - the switch is on the back of the siren, and it needs to be tight to the tamper arm on the bracket - on a flat wall the tamper arm should touch the wall, and therefore not move on the bracket. as you have pebble dash you will likely have a bit of a gap - the tamper arm is set correctly when it won’t move closer to the wall in the bracket, but if you adjust the screw too much it will deform the bracket, and the siren won’t properly attach. Just undo the screw on the tamper arm, you will then be able to press it in with your finger, and then tighten just enough so it stops moving.


If that doesn’t work would wedging something behind it work?

Yep it should be fine.