Cannot bring up and view camera recordings

I have two cameras, carport and Front Door. When my camera notifies me of movement, I can bring it up to check it, but later cannot see the recording that it says is there. They were working okay up til about 2:06pm today April 5. Everything looks okay, batteries are fine…
Is there something I need to do to find out why the recordings are not coming up… I can see there was movement at a certain time, but can’t view the recording…
What would cause me not to be able to see what was recorded


The same thing is happening with mine.

Hello @Bkaur and @Christy19 ,

Sorry to hear you are having video issues. Since it is a recent problem for you, most likely it is related to the Technical Difficulties that Ring is currently experiencing:

Identified - We have confirmed live video services are affected.
Apr 5, 20:18 UTC

For @Bkaur , note the timing is the same for when your issue started.

There are several ways you can monitor the status of the Ring Systems, which include:

or from your smartphone Ring App:

  • Select Menu (the 3 horizontal bars, upper-left-corner)
  • Select Devices
  • Select a Device
  • Select tile Device Health
  • Scroll down & select Ring System Status

So, hopefully once Ring fixes this issue, your Ring Video should return to normal. :wink:

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