Can you use the Ring alarm with no internet and no cell signal?

I recently purchased a new Ring alarm, I bought it so I can install it in my cabin which currently does not have internet, nor can I get any type of cell signal at the property. I bought it with the intentions of just using it for a local alarm but I can’t seem to figure out if that is possible at this point. I can put it on a local Wi-Fi network but it will not have access to the internet nor will it have any access to data via the backup cell signal.

Can this be done with the unit?

Hi @Mrtremble1. The Ring Alarm system does require a wifi connection in order to work. While the Contact Sensors and other alarm components communicate with the Base Station via z-wave, the Base Station does require a wifi connection. You can view the product requirements for the Ring Alarm system on our product page here as well. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to use the Ring Alarm system at your cabin unless you set up a wifi connection that has full access to the internet there. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile: