Can you tell if a shared user has viewed floodcam?

I have three flood cams and have shared with three family members. Is there a way to tell when one of them views a camera? If they look at the live view, will it show up in my history? If they answer a motion, does that show in my history?

Hi @Amanda2. While you will not be able to see a log of who pulled up the Live View, every time a Live View is picked up and “answered” (which means the shared user pulled up the Live View and then hit the green phone icon), it will record that event from the time they have answered the Live View. Therefore, if you go into your history and see a Live View event that you did not do, you can assume it was a shared user. Although, if they look at the Live View but do not hit the green phone icon (they cant hear anything either without answering it), it will not record that event and you will not know if they viewed it.

Answered motion events do not show in the history as answered or unanswered, it will only show that you had a motion event. Please note as well that shared users cannot delete events, only the owner can! :slight_smile:

Thank you, although I’m still a little confused. I thought the green phone icon was only used if you wanted to communicate with someone who was standing in front of the FloodCam? To hear sound while live viewing I thought you used the sound icon (bottom right)?

So if a shared user hears a motion and clicks on the notification as it pops up on their screen, that will appear in my history as an answered motion, so I know they viewed it?

If a shared user views an event that is already in the history, I won’t be able to tell.

If a shared user randomly live views, will that appear in my history as a live view?

I also don’t understand your last paragraph about answered events not showing up in the history as answered or unanswered. An answered event is one that you view as it is still being recorded live, isn’t it?

@Amanda2 My apologizes for any confusion! So you are right! I did some more testing on my end to confirm this. I found that accessing Live View from Timeline instead of the Device Profile behaved a little differently than my description, so my apologizes for that as I was describing it from the Device Profile. After doing some testing from the Timeline view, it looks like pressing “Tap to go Live” will put a Live Vie event on your history, no matter if you “answer” the call, just press the speaker icon for sound, or simply just look at what’s in front of your camera. So in the event that anyone is accessing it from the Timeline view as well, it will indeed put an event in your history for you, so you know will know the event was triggered, but it will not detail which user did it.

Therefore, you are also right in the idea that if a shared user hears a motion and clicks on the notification as it pops up on their screen, it should appear in your history as an answered motion! In addition, the viewing of any old events will not change them from unanswered to answered. Circling back to the previous paragraph to confirm your question too - pulling up Live View should show the event as a Live View event in your history! Lastly, you’re correct (and again, so sorry if I was confusing), an answered event will only show as answered when the recording is still happening and viewed live. Glad we could sort this out! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: