Can you pay for videos that are dated before your subscription starts?

I installed the ring in October, but didn’t pay for the subscription until January.
Can I pay for (back date) access to those 3 months (October-December)?
My device shows those videos were taken and I just want access to them. I don’t want them for free, I would like to pay, but when requesting the subscription…. the start time didn’t allow for a date earlier than today.

Hi @Kirgargon. Great question. Videos that are recorded without an active Ring Protect Plan are not saved or stored. This means that you cannot retroactively apply a plan to these videos to save them. Also, once a video is deleted, there is not a way to retrieve the video. I hope this information helps!

If folks were allowed to do what you request then what point would there be in having a subscription if I could just pick and choose when to grab videos?

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