Can we have Spotlight/Floodlights turn on automatically with motion detection?

Hello - I just installed a spotlight (wired) and floodlight (wired).

I see an option in the app for the floodlight and the spotlight to stay on for a certain amount of time after motion is detected.

However, I cannot seem to figure this out? How do I set the lights to turn on and off with motion (rather than manually)?

Manual operation is working just fine…

Great question @Marsar_0619! To alter motion settings for your Smart Lighting, visit “Smart Lights” in the app > select device (Floodlight wired/ Spotlight wired) > Motion settings.

These settings will allow you to control automatic triggering of the lights. Feel free to also check out “Light Settings” for additional options.

In order to control the duration of lights, you will want to toggle the Smart Lighting device’s lights manually, then wait for a banner to pop up at the bottom of the screen. This pop up banner will allow you to set the duration for lights to stay on. Keep in mind the Smart Lighting Transformer is needed for certain light features such as scheduling. Hope this helps!