Can’t remove light from group

Want to give access to my girlfriend but can’t give access to lights in groups. I try to delete light from group and it only gives me two options… move light to new group or move light to backyard group, which it is already in the backyard group. I just want to remove the light from any group so my girlfriend can use the light. Not sure why grouped lights cannot be shared. If I knew this from the beginning I would have choose another company that allows this :man_shrugging:

Hi @Cad_Dude. The Smart Lighting system in general is unable to be shared with other users in the Ring App at this time, and only the owner will have control of the lights, whether the lights are grouped or not. Although, this is a great idea and something we have gotten feedback on before and passed onto our teams. You can also check out the Feature Request board and share this suggestion there as well. As for removing the light from the group, if that’s not working, we have a thread on that concern here which you should be able to find a solution in. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: