Can’t get smart replies working

Hi everyone I tried to enable ring smart replies for my Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen/ 2020 Release but when I went to the devices and tapped on the doorbell I wanted to change it didn’t have the smart replies tab
If anyone knows why please let me know.
Thanks very Much

Hello @Jkelly ,

There is a slow roll-out on the new “Alexa Greetings” and the new “Quick Replies” features. Hopefully soon these will be available in all locations and for all doorbell models.

Alexa Greetings” currently only works with the “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” and only in the U.S. Since your doorbell is the RIng Video Doorbell (2nd Gen/2020 Release), the “Alexa Greetings” does not apply to you. But if you did own a Ring Video Doorbell PRO, you could use the “Alexia Greetings” OR the “Quick Replies”, but NOT at the same time (one or the other).

The “Quick Replies” * * is currently only available in the US and Canada.

  • Compatible Doorbells
    • Video Doorbell
    • Video Doorbell (2020 Release)
    • Video Doorbell 2
    • Video Doorbell 3
    • Video Doorbell 3 Plus
    • Video Doorbell Pro
    • Video Doorbell Elite
    • Peephole Cam

So, your Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen/2020 Release) IS on the list. AND if you are in U.S. or Canada, AND are using the latest smartphone Ring App (3.37.0), then you should be able to use the “Quick Replies”. Even if you do meet all these requirements for using the “Quick Replies”, it still might not have “rolled-out” yet in your specific location in US or Canada (but expect it soon to reach you).

Below I’ve included a link that goes into more details about these new features. I hope you find this information helpful. :wink:

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Any estimate as to what slow rollout is? The features were announced in early February.

Hi @Alex-Arizona. A slow roll out means that not all neighbors get this feature right away. It is released to all neighbors and platforms slowly, in contrast to all at once. With that being said, we should have this feature soon. Be sure to regularly update your Ring app to make sure you are current on all updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have ring users that live right next door to me that have the quick replies but my app doesn’t show the smart assistant. I have the ring doorbell 2 2020