Can’t connect to ring Wi-Fi when trying to setup

Power went out and somehow the ring door bell is showing it’s not connected to Wi-Fi, already reboot my router, also try to go through set up again but some how when I get to the step up To join the ring Wi-Fi, I’m unable to join.

I’m having the same issue after our internet went out for about 20 minutes, I’ve tried all the suggested tips and nothing is working :sob:

Okay I just tried a hard reset by holding the button on the back for 10-15 seconds and it finally let me re add the device. I reconnected by saying Wi-Fi had changed and it worked.

Thanks, I try the two suggestions, still not working. I call ring support and went through the same process , still not working so they sending me a new replacement but thanks for the help.

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Hi @user18794. I’m glad to hear that our support team was able to resolve this for you!