Can’t connect as owner

I have all my credentials correct but I can’t connect as the owner to reconnect to our WiFi network. The ring app will only let me connect as a shared user.

I know the steps for reconnecting a device but how can I just reset the device back to factory settings and just reconnect from scratch?

Any help is appreciated.

Device model is: video doorbell and I’m using the ring app on an iPhone 8

This is odd to hear @Hitchhikingflatlande. If you are a shared user, this device may have already been setup on another account, in which you are logging into the shared user account. Depending on the steps you’ve taken to reconnect, or how you’ve obtained this Video Doorbell, there may be a change of ownership needed.

Please double check that you are logging into the owner account to reconnect your device. If you are, and the app is stating you are not the owner, I recommend following the steps in our Change of Ownership help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: