Can’t access to Live view


Since last update, 1 week ago. I can’t access to live view in Ring app, but I can see in rapid ring. I don’t have vpn. Somme one can help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Helder79. What version of the Ring app do you have installed? Are you on an Android or iPhone? Do you have the same results when you switch from cellular data to WiFi? If this is on an Android, you might have an app installed that is conflicting with the Ring app. I hope this can help you narrow down what is causing the issue.

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Sorry for delay. I have iPhone and also a xiaomi note 9 pro from work. In iPhone everything is fine but in android no. If I go to the application with Wi-Fi at home is ok, but Wi-Fi at work and cellular don’t work. The application is at version 3.49.0. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Helder79, happy to chime in here. As Tom suggested, you can check if you have an app installed that could be conflicting with the Ring App. However, it sounds like you may have narrowed down what the concern is. You said Live View on the wifi at work and on cellular data doesn’t work but Live View on the wifi at home does work. Your work’s wifi likely has some type of VPN or security settings that may be preventing the Ring App and the Live View from working properly.


I don’t have any vpn or any protection. In iPhone work normally. I will see if I have something blocking in android.

Thanks again