Can someone help

On a doorbell 3 plus, first battery lasted 23 days. Messed with settings etc, getting loads of motion still, had already set up advanced motion detection, it was the reason for buying to get programmed zones.

However, is it correct that within the programmed motion zone this is what is classed as “someone at the front door” ? I still get numerous motion recordings, but not notifications, of people walking past, but which are outside of the programmed motion zone. Is this correct?

My front garden is small and a lot of people walk past and so am getting recordings, not notifications though a lot.

The other problem is although “people mode” is enabled a lot of recordings are trucks and cars driving past, well past the programmed motion zone.

I’ve been into support who checked all settings and said all were ok, but just said to use the wedge to point down, which I don’t want to do as doesn’t look good.

So is the programmed motion zone just to have this zone classed as “someone at door”, but the doorbell will record all people walking past no matter about the programmed zone anyway?


Hello, I’ve only had my RD3 installed for a few days so I can’t comment too much on the battery life, I’m down to 65% but have been plagued with false motion alerts since installation so assuming this would have drained the battery quicker.

I tried a couple of positions and found the best to be at right-angles to the door, giving a good view of the door (so recording the actual activity at the door rather than just an outward view) and the driveway leading to it. I played around a lot with the advance motion settings and sensitivity but could not stop the false motion triggering from larger vehicles that were well outside of the detection zones.

But I think I’ve found the answer! I spotted a reflection of passing vehicles in the glass panel of the door and as soon as I excluded that, no more false triggering! I’m also back up to full sensitivity so getting good detection at the limit of the detection zone, which is great. So look out for any reflections and eliminate if you can is my advice, and hopefully less false motion triggers will mean better battery life :crossed_fingers:

For me at the moment, it only gives a “someone at door” when someone is in the programmed motion zone - is this the same for you? The rest are just recording’s in the event history.

How do you exclude bits like you did for the reflection?

It isn’t working as I thought, maybe me misunderstanding, but I thought if a programmed zone that’s all it would record, that’s what I wanted as knew it was a busy pathway with people walking past all the time.

I’ve invested in the DB3+, chime pro 2G, protect year plan, spare battery so quite a bit of money.

At this rate I have almost a 100 recordings a day, which aren’t on my property, so not bothered about, I only wanted the recordings for when people on my property.