Can someone explain how to arm/disarm my cameras on a schedule please?

There is mention of a feature in the Ring app called “Mode Schedules” that doesn’t exist in my app.

There’s several discussions of setting up an Alexa skill to do this via routine but none of those work and it’s very confusing what is actually required.

Someone please explain what is the minimum requirement to enable this feature PLEASE!

Mode Schedules refers to a Ring Alarm system, not camera/doorbells.

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Hi @rayb2001. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, the Mode Scheduling feature is available for the Ring Alarm Security System, not Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras. You can find more information on this feature in our Help Center Article here, and you’re welcome to add suggestions on new features to our Feature Request board. You may even find this feature already requested, or you can create your own topic there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Caitlyn. I already have business class wifi. What is the minimum “security system” I can buy to enable this critical feature?

We are a business and having 10 cameras send data during business hours is chewing up our bandwidth. I can manually disable the cameras but then I need to rearm later. Yes, I could setup geo fencing but I’m not the only one at this business.

I see I could purchase the alarm system which comes with WiFI (which I don’t want and will interfere with my existing network).

Your help center article does not address my situation. Please help!

Then you should look into a DVR type camera system that stores the video locally and then just have a separate alarm system for motion/doors/windows and maybe 1 or 2 cameras for the critical areas then need coverage and viewing from outside your work location.
If that doesn’t work then likely meeting with an alarm installation specialist/company in your area might be your best option to come up with something that meets your needs.

Thanks SolarEclipse but it sounds like you are suggesting I abandon the Ring solution and go with something else? I’d prefer to use the cameras/batteries/solar that I’ve invested if possible.

@rayb2001 The Modes Scheduling feature is only available when you are using the Ring Alarm Security System. It does not apply to Ring Cameras or Ring Doorbells, which is why you do not see this option in your Ring app. The Help Center Article I shared in my previous reply details the Modes Scheduling feature which is only available on the Ring Alarm Security System.

I took a look through the Feature Request board and found a post regarding the ability to schedule the Modes for your Doorbells and Cameras here. You’re welcome to upvote that request and add your feedback there as well.


It appears that I will need to purchase a Ring Security System. If I purchase the minimal system (5-piece alarm security kit), can you tell me what is the minimal configuration from these 5 pieces? (The kit is cheaper than purchasing any of the individual components – including just the base station – separately.)

For instance, can I just configure the base station or do I also need to include the keypad?

Also can you confirm weather I can disable the wifi on the base station device?


Hi @rayb2001. I checked with my team and they confirmed that with the Ring Alarm system in place, the Modes Scheduling feature will extend to any Doorbells or Cameras with Modes settings in place as well. I would still encourage you to add your feedback to our Feature Request board regarding having this option without the Ring Alarm system.

The Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit does not include the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station, so the Base Station does not act as your new wifi router. You can continue using the router you have without making any changes, since only the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station offers the wifi.

For the simplest and most minimal configuration in this case, you can set up the Base Station and the Contact Sensor. You do not need to use the other components such as the Keypad or the Range Extender in order to use the Ring Alarm system, just the Base Station and at least one sensor is required for use. I hope this helps answer all of your questions! :slight_smile:

No, not abandon.
I had a home put together multiple camera system before I had Ring (mostly for the alarm, but now have 3 cameras with Ring too).
I’ll likely have my home-grown camera system long after I no longer use Ring which might be when my current alarm system is no longer supported in a couple years.