Can set AM for end time on lights for linked devices

It’s possible to set up a link so that one spotlight camera (or doorbell camera) can turn on the lights of another spotlight camera. There is a time range for when this is on operation. The default was 6PM to 8PM. I tried changing the end time to 5AM but it saves it as 5PM. I’ve tried again and again for lots of end times but it will not go to an AM time only a PM time.

This interface is only available by the phone app. I could not see an alternative using the Windows app or the web site.

Any ideas.

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Great question @phcahill! You certainly can link Ring devices in the app to trigger one another. At this time, the only scheduling available for the Spotlight Cam is motion scheduling and motion snooze. Motion scheduling will schedule a day/ time for motion not to notify, and motion snooze is a quick way to also snooze these alerts for a desired duration of time.

I recommend looking into Alexa skills and routines, as these could definitely add to the functionality you are looking to obtain.

Theres bug in the Android app UI for setting AM on the end time for linked spotlight cam lights to come on. Checked on the wife’s iPad. AM is being set correctly.


last night I installed one of my two new Spotlight Cams and noticed the same frustrating problem (not being able to set any other time period except 6PM to 8PM for linked lights on Spot Cam).

I also noticed that if the Spotlight is Linked to and triggered by my Ring Doorbell, the command given by the Doorbell (to start recording video) takes precedence over what the Spotlight Camera is programmed to do and should be doing, namely two things: turning on it’s Spotlights and sending notifications when motion is detected.

CLEARLY there’s a glitch here that needs to be sorted out as currently the system isn’t working optimally or as intended.

Ring, please fix.



You are correct; it’s an Android issue.

I tried the settings on my old iPhone (which by the way uses the 24 Hour Clock notation rather than the Android’s AM/PM option) and it seemed to work fine.