Can no longer download ring video with time-date stamp with web browser

I can no longer download a ring video with the time-date stamp inside Chome under windows 10. I use to click on the share button, select link, wait for Ring to video date-time stamp it (a few seconds) then a download link was provided. I have done this many times in the past. This link would allow one to download the ring video with a time-date stamp.

That link is gone. It has been replaced with a “picture-in-picture” button.

How do I do this now?

Hey @frankg1972. Do you mind sharing me a screenshot of what you are seeing, or sharing this link with me so I can see what you’re seeing? In addition, are you able to download the video from the web browser or mobile app instead? Our team is working on making improvements to the website, so there may be limited functionality there at this time, if you could try the Ring app instead to ensure it is working as well for you!