Can I use Ring Alarm devices outside?

Ring Alarm devices are not recommended for use outdoors, as they were not designed to be weather resistant.

What if I have a shed or small structure in my yard and I want to install a motion detector or contact sensor to keep it secure?

  • You should first consider whether or not the structure will be affected by outdoor weather. Rain, extreme heat, and extreme cold can impact Ring Alarm sensors and they may not work properly.
  • You will need to see if these devices are within range of the Alarm Base Station. The Z-Wave technology Ring Alarm devices use can communicate up to 250 ft. from the Base Station or Extender to sensor. When considering the maximum 250 ft. distance this is with no obstructions, but you may see different results in your location.
  • Some towns may have local ordinances related to monitoring structures that aren’t actually attached to your home.