Can I use Amazon Show as a BASIC doorbell display (for an office)?

Hi, we have a Ring system at our office. It’s got the normal door sensors, motion sensors, and Ring video doorbells.

Since I manage this account, I can SEE whoever is at the door when the doorbell rings (it shows up on my phone)

However, no one else who works here has access to my account. So, when the doorbells ring, they hear the notification Chime (Ring Chime Pro) but can’t see who is at the door (salesman, delivery, stranger, etc.???)

I have read the best/only way to see a video feed from your Ring doorbell cameras is to get an Amazon Show/Echo type device.

I would like to have this video “monitor” up front near the reception desk and front door, but I don’t want everyone in the office to access this Ring account. I only want them to be able to see when the doorbells are rung, and to see the live view of the Ring doorbell video feed.

Is this possible? If so, how would I go about setting it up? Do I need to add additional users to the Ring account? Can I change what they are allowed to access and see? I only want the other user(s) to see the live video feeds for specific cameras (doorbells).


Here is a similar thread I found, so I HAVE done some homework, but don’t know if anyone uses an Amazon Show/Alexa type device ONLY for other people in an office to see who is at the door. Wall-mounted monitor for Ring doorbell