Can I move my Doorbell to my new home

I am moving and would like to take my Ring with me. I have not found any subjects on this. Can I take it with me, how do you log a new address? Need info on this please

You sure can @jlavigne! Being that the device ownership is based on the device existing in your Ring account, you can certainly take your Doorbell to your new home and use it right away. Keep in mind that due to the change in location and wifi, you will need to perform a new setup in your Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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This does not work. It keeps telling me the device has an owner! It’s me! Why can’t I use my stick up cam?

Hey @Jane8155! Please check your email to see if there was a request related to device ownership from Ring. If the Ring account being used in the app is different, it will initiate a device ownership change. Check out our help center article about Device Ownership to learn more. :slight_smile: