Can I do different things with different motion zones?

Hi. Sorry first time posting so not sure if I’m doing this right or not

I have the video doorbell tith the option to have numerous motion zones which I can drawer myself. I can’t find anywhere to set different options to them though so what’s the point in having different zones if the same rules apply to all?

For example, I have one zone on the floor area right outside my door and I want everything to be picked up there. I have a second zone covering a little further out so want that to be people only in order to avoid cars. Is this possible?

Hi @Dizzy65. The feature you are describing sounds like our Customizable Motion Zones. This Community post here has lots of information describing these Motion Zones. To build upon what you asked, you cannot have 1 zone setup for certain features, and another zone with different features. I hope this information helps!