Can I add a second Doorbell for same door?

Maybe a weird question…but we have a Video Doorbell Elite installed when our house was built. Unfortunately, the installation is a bit too high for our 4 year- old daughter and her friends. So I was wondering if I can add a second Video Doorbel (maybe the simplest of all) in the same location but lower and get both to work together. It will look better (and safer) than just having a step for kids to reach the higher one.

Has anyone tried this?


Hi @Mlo. It is certainly possible to have more than one Ring Doorbell. I actually use the Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2 upstairs for my daughter (3, going on 13 :laughing:) so she can grab my attention while I’m in my office! You can use Linked Devices to get these Doorbells to work in unison. I hope this helps!

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