Can Alexa Guard turn on and off my Ring cameras?

I would like to control my indoor Stick Up camera using Alexa Guard. When in Home mode I want to disable the camera. When in Away mode I want it to record activities. How can I do this? If this isn’t supported is there another way to do this without manually disabling and enabling the camera using the Ring app?

Hi there, @MichaelJO! The Alexa Guard feature does have the ability to change Alarm system armed modes, but does not change Camera modes at this time. Ring and Alexa does, however, have many options available. You can control your Cameras with Alexa through various features, for instance, creating an Alexa routine can accomplish many things. Feel free to let us know what you accomplish with this integration! :slight_smile:

Alexa guard can do this, but only if you have ring alarm. That is the only way that you can change ring modes with alexa.

Thanks. I’ll look into the integration.

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I use Alexa Guard. Also, I have just discovered how to enable or disable motion detection on individual Ring cameras using geofencing in the Ring app. I can’t figure out to do this from within the Alexa app using Guard, however. What do you mean by “If you have ring alarm”? I have the Ring Protect Plus plan. Do I have to add a Ring Alarm security kit/security devices to enable the camera control feature using Alexa Guard? Would adding a Ring Alarm security kit make this feature visible in the Alexa interface? Thanks!

And… I see that I can, from within the Alexa app, enable Activity Sounds with Siren. Is there a way to enable notifications on my Android device when sounds are detected but NOT activate the siren sound on my echo devices?