Cameras stopped working correctly over night

I have a ring doorbell and a spotlight camera on the front of my house. I also have a chime set up.

As of last night my cameras have stopped working correctly. You can watch live view but the spotlight light is flashing on and off every second or two. No notifications are being sent and the doorbell is silent.

Viewing the event history timeline there are only the live views displaying for today. When i open the ring app i CAN see the latest thumbnails from both cameras and according to that they have been recording all day.

The last recording last night was at 10.26pm and ive noticed that the spotlights last health check was done at the same time. Has a firmware update caused the problem???

Oh and i also put a new fully charged battery into my spotlight and its not registered in the app. Its still showing it as a flat battery.

Hey @ScantRegard! Thank you for sharing this experience in detail with us. As you are experiencing this concern with not just one but multiple devices, this certainly isolates an area of focus.

The best first step would be to uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile device. While doing so please optimize your mobile device for Ring app performance, here’s how:

  • Disable Bluetooth, VPN, and Hot spot
  • Close apps in the background (other than Ring)
  • Ensure no security apps or unique robust 3rd party apps are installed that might interfere.
  • Ensure the mobile device and app are up to date.
  • Test on wifi only, as well as cellular data only.

Trying another mobile device can also help to rule out certain factors. Beyond app and mobile device performance, the next step would be to check network performance and signal strength. As this occurred on multiple devices, please check that your router is operating as normal, and streaming devices around your home are also functioning properly. Checking RSSI and wifi speeds is always a great way to test your network. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring

Thanks for your reply.

Ive tried reinstalling the app to no avail and i should have said that my son is having the same problems as me on his phone.

Wifi is fine and all other equipment is working as expected. Its literally just the ring cameras.

Any other advice??

Thank you for trying those steps @ScantRegard! If those did not improve the functionality, I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, as they can take a closer look at this concern for you. :slight_smile: