Cameras Make Audible Alert Then Tell People They Are Being Recorded

It would be an amazing feature if the doorbell cams or any outdoor cams would make an audible alert then speak to the person standing in front of the camera that they are being recorded.

Seems like an easy app feature that could be added for even greater protection.

I think the reaction from some of the uninvited “guests” I have come to my yard if they hear a warning they would look for the voice and try to destroy the camera thinking that if they did no record of their visit would be available.
Or alternatively, in my city the thieves have carte blanche as they know the police do very little, if anything, regarding property crimes so they could care less if they are being recorded or not.

I can think of many reasons why this would seemingly be a bad idea.

For example, can you imagine how angry your neighbors might be if they were woken up every time a spider (or flying bug) triggered the motion sensor on a security camera?