Cameras causing a 'false phone call' that is blocking audio on phone

When viewing the ring floodlight it is putting my phone into a ‘phone call’ to its own number… But the phone doesn’t show it anywhere… If I later (hours later) connect to my truck thru android auto the audio is blocked by an ongoing phone call that Does NOT exist… It will not show on the phone, shows as active on the radio display but cannot be hung up, and shows on my smartwach which usually WILL allow it to be hung up.

This is becoming a serious issue as no matter how many hours after viewing the camera it is, but phone is still locked in a ‘call to itself’ and cannot output any other audio… Unknown if it is actually blocking realt phone calls!

Sorry to hear about this, @kf6kmx! Please ensure there is not also a vpn enabled. As you mentioned this being an Android device, please check for any other android apps that conflict with the Ring app.

It sounds like you’ve narrowed down the concern to potentially be bluetooth and a connecting system, in which disabling is a great way to test this further. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: