Camera - wifi problem

We purchase the RING Camera months ago and it has worked properly until last week. We have tried everything that is explained but our camera can not find our wi-fi network to connect. It worked before and it is quite close to the router. I’ve been on hold now for 1 hour. I need some help please.


Same has happened here. My camera is losing connection from WiFi every day. Only started last week. Worked perfectly before that.

My doorbell is fine.


@Leighw Has anything in your setup changed. Placement of router, new router, router updates/firmware, any new WiFi devices etc? What RSSI value does the camera report and are you able to get a WiFi signal on your phone in the location of the camera?

Only thing in the house that has changed is a Smart Meter has been installed.

Current RSSI is 62. No idea if that is good or bad.

@GeekyTim Some smart meters have a WiFi component to them. It could be adding interference. RSSI is a measure of how good the Wi-Fi signal is at the ring device. The closer to 0 it is the better. Yours is ok-ish. Its a bit on the weak side. The WiFi part of the smart meter is usually the little screen they give you that plugs in. Try turning that off. The other option is get a Wi-Fi booster or Ring Chime Pro and put it half way between your router and the camera.

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My camera just started doing it the last couple days it keeps disconnecting and I can’t figure out why it just started doing it I’ve reset everything and it’s doing it again why?

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There are only 65-70 devices on my network. Some are hardwired.

Hello my friend, I was having the same problem with my Ring System “cameras indoor”. I bought a Chime Pro and put it in the same room where my router is located. Problem fixed haven’t had an issue in a couple weeks. You’re probably smarter than me and have already done that but I hope this helps.

David G

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