Camera w/Motion Sensing Activating During Countdown to Armed

New Ring user here. I hope I’m not duplicating a question - couldn’t find it if I did. My problem is my indoor camera with built in motion sensor is activating at the beginning of the 30 second countdown to Away mode instead of waiting till the 30 seconds are up and the system is actually in Away mode. I only use Deactivate mode (camera set to be off) and Away mode (camera set to be on). This means I no sooner head out the door and I’m getting a notification on my phone that the camera detected motion and, hey, would I like to see video of myself walking out the front door? (hint: no, I would not)
I called Ring and after an hour of hold time and being given the run around, I finally gave up on them. Had to explain the situation multiple times to all 3 people I talked to and they still kept getting it wrong. Can anybody provide insight into this issue? A solution would probably be too much to ask for, but I’ll ask anyway. To summarize, I want the camera to be deactivated until the 30 second countdown is finished and the system is actually armed in Away mode, but the camera switches on and starts detecting motion and recording video as soon as the countdown starts. Thank you.

Hi @Menz. When you swap your system to Away mode, the Camera is going to be swapped to Away mode at that time. This is independent of the Ring Alarm system, which has the 30 second delay that you’ve set. What you could do in this scenario is wait until you’re out of the house and then arm the system from the Ring App. You can read more about the Modes feature here, and more about the Entry and Exit Delay here. I hope this information helps clear things up. :slight_smile: