Camera turning itself on

Our ring indoor stick up camera is turning itself on at night. It is set to home mode so shouldn’t be doing this. The light comes on so the camera is definitely being activated. We have changed all passwords (Wifi/Ring Account) and it is still doing it. Is this a fault?

Hi there, @Buckwood. Which light is coming on? There are red Ir lights that other neighbors in the Community have reported to trigger during a light change, to help with any adjustments if you were to activate your Camera. These are not, however, indicative of the Camera activating. If you are seeing a single LED where the status light is, feel free to describe the light color and pattern, as it could relate to an update or network reconnection if connection was lost.

At Ring we value both your security and your privacy, thus there are various measures in place from account security, to account privacy, and encryption with your Ring devices. Check out our Community post about account security for more information. In your Ring app, there is an option to view your Control Center which will list any mobile devices that you have authorized access to. Changing your password should not be necessary if you are not granting access to others. Confirming your Shared Users can also ensure that an event is not being answered by a granted shared user. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: